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At Mobile Savvy, we’re building a better future for all Canadians by using our technology for good and giving back to our communities. Our social purpose is at the heart of everything we do as a world-leading technology company and continues to set us apart. Let's make the future friendly, together.

About Us

Mobile Savvy is one of the largest and the most trusted Koodo & Telus dealer in Ontario with a dedication to service and superb customer service

Mobile Savvy carries a wide selection of Cell Phones and Smartphones along with Tablets, Smart Watches, and wireless home phone for both home and business needs. Also specializes in a variety of accessories and gadgets. For any TELUS & Koodo customer service enquiries please contact your nearest store or email us. We will reply to your email within a business day.

Everyone in our Mobile Savvy locations and Business Solutions team is keenly interested in the wireless industry. Our team is the best in the industry when it comes to knowing how to get the most out of your KOODO or TELUS service and your new phone.

Reasons to Switch to Mobile Savvy: Koodo & Telus

Over 73% of the new customers we welcome to KOODO & TELUS have come from another wireless network, like Bell or Rogers. Come talk with us about the latest switch offers from TELUS. Feel free to bring your current contract or old cell phone bill and we'll do a direct comparison between TELUS and your current wireless provider. We will also continue to provide support and customer service during your stay with us.

Mobile Savvy

  • TELUS now has the largest selection of 5G Devices in Canada
  • The Best LTE+ ADVANCED network coverage across Canada
  • Rate plan flexibility and clear pricing
  • Family Packages
  • Special Business Discounts