Home Internet from only $44/month

Koodo Mobility customers save big when they bundle happy. Save $21/mo. when you bundle your phone plan with home internet.


The internet speed you need at the price you want with no surprises.


A reliable internet connection you can count on.


So simple you can set it up and manage yourself. No fixed-term contract, no credit check, no worries.

Check availability for Internet Plans

Koodo Internet is available in select provinces. Enter your address to learn what plans & prices are available at your home today! Psst! We're always growing! If you checked your address before but weren't eligible, try again - you could now be eligible for service.

Stack on the savings

Starting at $99/mo.3 Enjoy an affordable phone plan, surf the web on reliable home internet, and catch your favourite shows on Canada's three most popular streaming services - Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime with Stream+.

Double the happy

Add Internet to your Koodo mobile account and save monthly on unlimited internet. 

Really Unlimited Internet

No throttling or data overage charges. Say hello to all the high-speed you could need.

Plug and play

Easy DIY set-up and Self Serve options that you can manage yourself. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Pick a plan

Choose the speed that works best for your needs.

Sign up

Enter your payment details and set an activation date.

Set up your internet equipment

Your equipment will be sent directly to your home with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can set it up yourself on your activation date.